Waiting for Red Bull Media House, in association with Poor Boyz Productions of “WE: A Collection of Individuals” to finish its tour to release Skibowl's version of Karl Fostvedt KilliN the wall at the SiCest Skibowl setup caught on film to date, has felt like an eternity.  Ever so worthy, as to be one of the few people to witness Karl killing it, hitting a 20 foot jump, gap 20 feet and smack straight into a 40 foot wall/tower just to revert back.  As a rider, I could only think this was the ultimate, "NO F***-UP ZONE!"

Our blue bird, spring day started early getting all our gear loaded on sleds, i.e. snowmobiles, a kind of hurry up and wait scenario.  The GEE PHOTO team got all setup and waited a couple hours chilling, enjoying our down time and realizing how awesome it was to wait on upper bowl, a foot of fresh pow and not a track, YES!  We all couldn't help but stair at this behemoth setup that took over a week to construct.  Waiting we did not mind, sometime later we hear the sleds approach the giant setup just below us, we get excited as we see riders Tanner Hall and Karl Fostvedt arrive among a few staff and supporters.  We all could feel the tensions build as last minute grooming and multiple speed checks occur.  So silent, you could hear only the skis slice through the snow. 


After a few checks, Karl seems to be ready and takes just a minute at the top, unbelievable how Karl is able to make the perfect adjustments and nail it time after time, cheers ring out and echo through the bowl.  Quickly the tension turns to aggression as Karl throws down so many tricks, including a switch 7, all of which was caught on film!


Karl Fostvedt Photo Album and Posters

Karl Fostvedt KilliN IT @ Skibowl Video