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Crack Grease Rider Matt Yep

Dreamed up 9 months prior to the actual 2 days of hauling and 2 days of riding and finished up with an edit premiering prior to the American premiere of Isenseven "Fools Gold" Film at Clinton St Theatre in Portland, Oregon.  No fools gold here, we're talking the real deal.

After getting the perfect sponsor for this crazy original idea, Crack Grease Snowboarding and its riders. The decision was made to put this dream project in the works, but with many questions to answer.  How to build natural all log rails, make them actually functional, transportable, more than possible?   Common since,  would tell you NO!  Not to mention locating in the middle of summer, a snowy place anywhere in the northern hemisphere seems nearly impossible.  Truth, it would be far from any road or parking lot, 3 miles to be exact, at an elevation of 6,500 feet. 

 The next objective was to design, build and test a workable log rails.  Tried many different designs and the simplest, most eco-friendly worked best.  Assembling all the needed supplies and packing them into the Jeep was to be the easiest of steps.

Crack Grease Rider Derik Roy

Honestly, after the first day of hauling up the mountain, setting up camp after dark, and watching the summer forest fires from a great distance, all I kept thinking was, can we get all this done in time?  In my sleeping bag, flashes of day one.  Hiking up through fields of wildflowers to getting stares from summer hiking tourist as we carry up gear and snowboards. 


The second day hauling ended with an over worked, certainly over hiked, slumping over group.  Greatest part was realizing the group of people hanging near our Jeep was all the rest of the crew, stoked for day 3 and 4, shredding time!  Determination and teamwork prevailed, we all dug, shoveled and built multiple structures.  Soon the super RAD setup was complete.  All you could see was smiles as the first jib was just to be hit.

Crack Grease Riders Grant Miller & Derik Roy

Only realizing how lucky we all were to just hear our edges slice through snow again.  This time 60 degrees, on a bluebird day in the middle of summer, hitting 72 feet of natural log rails; including a 30 foot battleship, crossing rail jump & rails and jibs! STOKED to be able to share our FUN with you! 


Unbelievable footy resulted from the sickest Crack Grease Riders and friends throwing it all down, GEE Photo was able to capture through a collaboration, 1,000's of sic photos and video clips.


Unseen FIRST EDIT, pre-screening


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