30 riders backpacked up for a summer end shred weekend!

Grilled late summer with the awe-inspiring Crack Grease Snowboarding guys and chatted about a second summer backcountry trek.  We pondered over ideas, an innovative theme was essential.  Someone threw into the air a theme, "From Dusk 'Til Dawn!" An epic all night backcountry rail jam party.  Googled it, nope no reference to any all night rail jam.  Crazy idea was the first consensus.  After little debate and working out some major details.  Like backcountry park design, lighting, and setting up separate backcountry shoots; a day just to shoot sunrise/sunset and a weekend to shoot an all night party jam!  After planning, one month till the rail jam, then one month till the theater premiere, crunch time.

Crack Grease Snowboarding team rider Kyle Wiese

A warm snowless end to the 2013 spring season brought on a record summer melt.  Pre-scouting locations in July seemed decent, only to melt some 40-60 feet more by the September shoot.  Lending to a longer climb up Mt Hood to find snow, packing up 3 backpacks full of gear myself to make this all possible.

L2R | Live2Ride Snowboards team rider Matthew Ball

Friday night, a large group packed in to set up a large base camp, which definitely inspired all of us to envision how fun Saturday rail jam will be!  Saturday early afternoon brought on a migration of riders to the designated site.  A warm bluebird day brought on an epic amount of people to show up, shovels in hand.  Partied all afternoon building a rock jib, 10 foot log rail and small jump. 

Crack Grease Snowboarding team rider Matt Yep

Sketchy natural log rails, a narrow patch of snow only inspired riders to ride into the night, over flames and ride into the sunrise!

Crack Grease Snowboarding team rider Destiny Covington-Zawasky

Premiere night, standing room only, huge swag give away!

CLICK TO WATCH "From Dusk 'Til Dawn, Backcountry Rail Jam"