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Delivering creative original projects that demonstrate and increase awareness of your newest products/services while dramatically increasing brand recognition.  Offering professional services encompassing brand marketing, media production, photo shoots, full video production, graphic design, and marketing campaigns.  Providing inexpensive access to high quality HD services that catapult your ideas to the next level.

Mt Hood TV

Network of Channels Dedicated to Mt. Hood. 

Offering a user friendly, single platform for the best videos filmed on or around Mt. Hood.  Channels include:

Special Events Videos,

Series / Episode Videos,

Toplist Videos,

Local Brand Videos,

Snowboard Videos,

Crash Video (Mt Hood TV series),

Ski Videos,

Climbing & Rescue Videos,

Ice Cave Videos,

Mountain Biking Videos,

& Trail Guide Videos.


Media Coverage of All Mt. Hood Events

Special event marketing is a brilliant way to boost your brand's message and align a company with a particular experience and group of people.  Marketing directly to consumers who purchase your type of goods or services.   Providing an all-in-one location for media coverage of all events, holiday, rail jams, races and cultural happenings.   Giving opportunity for the general public, riders, spectators, friends & family, sponsors and media to like, tag, share or download sponsors watermarked photos and videos.  Your support will help provide these services for all who enjoy Mt Hood.  Furthermore, you will get the constant exposure you need to build on your brand, and increase sales.   For your support, you will get access and visibility to:


Directly marketing to people who use your type of product/services for the entire year,


Over 30 covered events November - May and/or June - October,


Preview of up coming events,


Ads includes design/tracking on Mt Hood TV websites for 1 year,


Established email marketing platform for 1 year,


Mt Hood TV social media channels for 1 year,


Sponsors logos on outdoor banner viewed at events,


Sponsor logo watermarks on all posted photos & videos,


And ownership of photos & videos to use for your business.


For your support, you will receive more than 1,000,000 impressions!  That is over 1 million people viewing your logo, your Ads, event banner, your support on event videos and your support truly visible to the ski/snowboard industry who buy your type of products/services.   Visit Mt Hood TV website:



Brand Marketing

Media Production

Our Work

Example Work

       Brand Marketing Examples # 1-7

       Promo UR BRAND Photo Shoot JAMS

       Backcountry Photo Shoot & Film Premiere

       Get UR SHRED On & Wear IT

35 Ecological Education Programs

       Puppet Shows

       Scout Badges

       Day of Exploring

Ecological Projects

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       From Dusk 'Til Dawn Backcountry Rail Jam

       Jibbing Over Skibowl Chairlift

       Karl Fostvedt Photo Shoot

       Backcountry Rail Jam Summer Edit

Wedding & Receptions

       Skibowl Weddings & Receptions

       Castle Rock Wedding & Reception

       Wilke Wedding & Reception



Video Production

      Novashroud Live

      Castle Rock Wedding

      Jibbing Over the Chairlift

      Big Eaters Club vs Cinnamon Roll

      Snowbunny Fun

      Cosmic Tubing TV Commercial

      Backcountry Rail Jam Summer Edit

     From Dusk 'Til Dawn Backcountry Rail Jam

     Karl Fostvedt Photo Shoot

     Snowshoe Training

     INI Goggle Tan Rail Jam @ Skibowl

     Powder All Day

      Adventure Pass VALUE

      Action Pass VALUE

      Extreme Pass VALUE

      NYE 2014.15 @ Skibowl

      SD Adventures Offer the Bay

       LED Kayak Night Tour

       Webisode 1: Cosmic Tubing Opening Day

       Webisode 2: Tubing With Santa & Friends

       Webisode 3: Skibowl Opening Day

       Webisode 4: Awesome FUN Day



     Outdoor Adventure Sport

     Special Event Photography

     Nature & Wildlife Photography

     Nature & Photography Program

     Engagement Photo Shoot

     Wedding & Reception










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